Building an Adirondack Guideboat-Favorite Tools-3

This tool is a true “old friend”.  It has stayed the course for two guideboats and some light weight canoes.  It has never given me a moment’s trouble.  It is my Ryobi 3/8″ portable electric drill.

Ryobi portable electric drill.
Ryobi portable electric drill.

If you follow the progress of portable electric tools, you know that there is a horsepower race going on. The first tools operated on 12 volt batteries.  Then battery power steadily climbed to where tools with 20 volt batteries are now available.  This has lead to a plethora of portable tools including saws and drivers.

My drill is a thing of the past.  It operates on a 12 volt battery which gives it a great advantage over the newer tools.  It is light.  It weighs only 2 pounds.  When building a guideboat you need to be quite precise in locating fasteners.  It certainly helps to have a drill that is light and easy to position.

Like any old friend it shows the wear and tear of being ready for most anything.  On it there are scrapes and scratches and smears of bedding compound.  One of the original batteries passed away but I was able to find a replacement for a reasonable price.   So I am counting on it for many more years of faithful service.

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