Donate to Adirondack Experience Museum

Please donate to the Adirondack Experience.

One of my blog readers suggested that I incorporate a donate button on my website. The more I thought about it the more I thought it was a good idea. I decided that the Adirondack Experience (Museum) would be a great organization to receive donations. I have volunteered at the Adirondack Experience for nearly twenty years, mostly in the boat shop so I feel a special reverence for it. The Museum is the nexus of all that goes on in the guideboat world. The Museum has, by far, the largest collection of Adirondack guideboats in the world. The wooden boats displayed on the floor of the boat building represent only a very small number of the Museum’s total collection. Most of the collection is housed in the Collection Study and Storage Center (CSSC) just outside Blue Mountain Lake. The CSSC houses all manner of historic Adirondack artifacts but a major part of the facility is set aside for wooden boats. Here is a view of some of the wooden boats residing in the CSSC.

CSSC-wooden boats-2

Another favorite exhibit in the Adirondack Experience is the boat shop in the boat building. Here boat builder Allison Warner constructs an Adirondack guideboat using the same methods and materials that the old-time boat builders employed over 100 years ago.

Allyson with boat-B

New this year is the Boater’s Paradise Trail connecting the Museum’s main campus with Minnow Pond, a pristine 96 acre body of water. At the pond, visitors will be able to rent a canoe, antique guideboat, or skiff at the brand-new Paradise Boathouse.

I hope you will donate to the Museum so that it will remain as the leader in preserving Adirondack guideboat history and some very old examples of that craft.

In the comment section below, please write “For the Boatbuilder Fund” to ensure that your donation is directed to the correct fund at the Adirondack Experience museum.