Building an Adirondack Guideboat-Guideboat for sale

Well, the time as come to part with one of the guideboats I have built.  There are three in the garage under the house so they are a bit stuffed in there.  Besides there is another being built.

After much agonizing I have decided to sell Thankful, the latest guideboat in the stable.  It was a difficult decision since I revere them all.  Anyway, here is the story on Thankful.

Thankful is a reproduction of a guideboat built in 1893 by the esteemed builder Caleb Chase for the owners of Great Camp Santanoni in Newcomb, NY. The original, named the Queen Anne, was cherished by the Pryun family who then owned Camp Santanoni.  This boat was handcrafted just as the original except for its laminated ribs and stems made of Spanish cedar.  No glue or fiberglass was used in constructing the hull.   It features:

  • Spanish cedar planking with inter-plank joinery sealed with tiny copper tacks driven and clinched every inch  to render the hull watertight.
  • Hand caned seats and seat back, all made of cherry.
  • Cherry gunwales.
  • Decks of bird’s eye maple and cherry.  Panels are “book-matched” to give an unusual figure.
  • Five coats of marine spar varnish to protect against moisture and UV radiation.
  • Traditional guideboat oars of cherry 8 feet long.
  • An authentic reproduction of a Chase guide’s paddle, made of cherry.

Length overall: 15 1/2 feet, Beam 38″. Weight: approx. 65 lbs.

Price: $7000.  If interested call me, Gordon, at (302) 690-3280 or email me at

Here are some photos of Thankful.

Thankful upon launching on Rich Lake in Newcomb, NY.
Top view of Thankful.
View towards bow.
View of stern seat.
Bow stem showing lamination.
Bow deck showing “figure”.

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